Why Michigan State?

Growing up I really fell in love with the sport of basketball especially college basketball because every game was so unpredicatble. Even with rankings, 5 star players coming from high school, and returning players you could never know what happens in a basketball game, you could never know how many shots are going in, who's going to have a good game and who's going to have a bad game, or who gets injured during the game, all of these could happen to anyone at anytime in the sport of basketball and it could also change the end result of the game.

2019-2020 Michigan State Basketball team with Rocket Watts, Aaron Henry, Xavier Tillman, and Cassius Winston.

So why Michigan State? I love watching Michigan State basketball because Michigan State basketball is an in-state powerhouse in Michigan. The program is such a prestigious program, every season is always a winning season with them, every year they always a certain player or players that would stand out to the entire nation, and sometimes Michigan State can't get the 5 stars like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and North Carolina, but Tom Izzo would always find hidden gems when recruiting high school basketball players and turn them into absolute stars at MSU and develop them into NBA ready players.

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