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Staff Members

Mr.Cuddles is a security guard here in our company, he makes sure nobody gets harmed inside or outside our company. He has worked for us for 10 years now after graduating from Build-A-Bear University. Outside from work, Mr.Cuddles says that he is into flying jets, exercising, and giving free hugs, he even said that if it wasn't for this great company, he would've most likey became a pilot.

Helios is the engineer in our company, he builds all of our products. He graduated from from Solar System University, and was the brightest in his class with a GPA of 4.0. Outside of work, Helios likes to help around in his community by picking up trash, helping out in soup kitchens, and supporting small busisnesses because it makes him feel "warm" and fuzzy inside.

Cupid is the flyer distributer in our company, he makes sure that people know about our company, our job openings, and what we do. Cupid has just started this job after dropping out of high school because of his terrible grades. Outside if work and playing video games, Cupid loves archery, with hopes of one day becoming a professional archer.

Squishy is the CEO of the company for 20 years now, he is the brains of the company. Squishy graduated from Skull University were he was the smartest in his class, blowing by all his classes with all A's and a GPA of 4.0. As the brains of the company, Squishy comes up with all the products and projects that are going down in our company, he also sets the budget for our company.